Rhymes & Recipes of The Cookie Lady of Key West

Key West Sweet!

“Key West Sweet, Key West Treat, get one and we both can eat!”

If you were in Key West in the 80′ & 90’s and visited Mallory Square, The Cookie Lady of Key West weaved her way through the crowd on her bicycle. She entertained with rhymes and offered original baked goods. Presently, she has published a book, Rhymes & Recipes, so you can again enjoy and be entertained. The book is almost entirely done by Marilyn, The Cookie Lady, as she has worked as a graphic artist.


Comments on: "Key West Sweet!" (12)

  1. Can I pick up a book in Key West vs. ordering on-line?


  2. Annika Rosén said:

    Hi Marilyn, wow this is great! Where can I buy your book? I must have it! Hugs and kisses, Annika

  3. Elizabeth Eubanks said:

    HI Cookie Lady,
    I would love to have a signed copy of your book. I was in Key West area last weekend and Will told me about your book. I made a great effort to get to the bookstore to get a book and when I finally got there- they were sold out! Great for you. ..not so great for me. Please advise how I can get a signed copy. Thanks!

    • Hello Elizabeth,
      Sorry you could not come to the book signing…it was a success and quite fun! There are several options for you. The books are also available in Key West at other locations, but I do not know if you are now in Key West. They are at Blue Heaven gift shop (729 Thomas Street Key West, FL 33040; (305) 296-8666), Key West Custom House Museum gift shop (281 Front Street (305) 295-6616), The Mermaid & Alligator guest house (729 Truman Avenue (800) 773-1894) & Creative Hair Styling by Debbie K (524 Eaton Street; (305) 304-9799). Once purchased, you can then send it to me to sign with a payment (I am not in Key West now) and I will send it to you. Another option for you, especially if you are not in Key West, is purchase online (Amazon.com or my eStore — https://www.createspace.com/3619458) and send it to me. I do not have any copies left personally, since I sold them out at the book signing, but you could also send me payment through PayPal (I can send an PayPal invoice) and I will order a book, then sign & send it to you.

  4. It was nice to meet you at Wade Oval!

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